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Short, scribbled thoughts about the red uniforms

January 26, 2017

It’s been a week and I’m still conflicted.

Red uniforms on Canada Day? Absolutely! Red uniforms on Baseball Canada Day? Absolutely! Red uniforms at every Sunday home game and – according to Sportsnet – some additional home games in July? Well…um…I don’t know.

I completely understand the reason: It’s our nation’s 150th birthday and the Jays have united Canadians. Having “Canada’s Team” wear red is a terrfic way to celebrate the sesquicentennial.

But a predominantly red uniform has always felt…unnatural.

It would be like the Boston RED Sox or Cincinnati REDS occassionally wearing a uniform that was predominantly blue.

Special occasions are one thing, but a continuous appearance? The Jays didn’t wear any special uniforms for the 125th anniversary of confederation. Perhaps a Canada 150 patch on the jerseys would have been sufficient.

Of course, I’m probably over-thinking this whole thing. Besides, new uniforms are an easy way for teams to make a little extra money.

And from a subtextual point-of-view, that’s likely what this is really about.


Pending a physical…

January 17, 2017

Blue Jay fans rejoice.
Bautista is coming back.
More bats shall be flipped.


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