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Retro Blue Jays – The Line Up

February 14, 2015

Posted by Liam Greenlaw / Snudge Bros.

The Blue Jays have produced many commercials over the years. Some were hits; others were misses.

And this one was definitely a miss.

Some marketing guru decided two annoying marionette puppets would be great spokespeople for the 2005 season. They always seemed to have nice things to say about the Jays. But they sure as hell couldn’t convince the casual fans to buy tickets.

In this promo, they feed interrogators questions for Corey Koskie, Roy Halladay and Orlando Hudson. We learn Koskie swings a mean bat, Doc can throw a “frequent flyer” and O-Dog has quick hands.

Ironically, those three players got hurt in 2005.

Corey Koskie – the big off-season signing that year – injured his hand sliding into second base in Minnesota. That spelled the end to his time in Toronto and ultimately led to Aaron Hill’s debut.

O-Dog – in front of my own eyes – pulled something while rounding the bases after hitting a homerun against Oakland. The trot turned into a walk around the bases, with George Poulis by his side.

Finally, Doc was looking like a strong candidate for another Cy Young. But then he took a Kevin Mench liner off his shin, causing a fracture and ruining everything. Doc and Mench ended up being teammates three years later.


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