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DNJT Extra: Jays/Mets World Series?

August 27, 2015

Doug Plourd cheers for the Blue Jays and the New York Mets; so I asked the former Jays blogger about his two favourite teams potentially meeting in the World Series.

Recorded on Sunday, August 16.

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June 17, 2015: Noah and Jacob deGrom hangout in the Skydome bullpen before the Mets and Jays battled that evening.

Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom hangout in the Skydome bullpen before the June 17 match between the Jays and Mets.

Episode 55: Awesome August

August 20, 2015

The Jays are having one hell of an August! The whole country is excited and eagerly catching “Blue Jays Fever.”

Just before Drew Hutchison was optioned to Buffalo, former Jays blogger Doug Plourd joined DNJT to chat about the team’s performance this month and how Americans are viewing the club’s success.

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Pretty much sums up how everyone is feeling.

Retro Blue Jays – Bell, Barfield and Moseby

August 13, 2015

Posted by Retrontario and 100huntley.

This Sunday, the Blue Jays will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the team’s first division title and playoff appearance. The first 20,000 fans entering Skydome (get there early!) will receive a bobblehead set of George Bell, Jesse Barfield and Lloyd Moseby; arguably one of the best outfields of the 1980s.

In honour of the occasion and giveaway, here are some unique YouTube clips of the famous threesome.

George Bell is all smiles for this McDonald’s commercial. It’s a sharp contrast to what fans and the media were familiar with at the time. Note how Bell shows off the food, but doesn’t eat any of it; not even a single, solitary fry.

In 1985, Jesse Barfield appeared on the religious program, 100 Huntley Street and discussed how faith plays a role in his life.

Finally, this Toronto hockey star is no match for Lloyd ‘The Shaker’ Moseby!


Episode 54: Best Week Ever!

August 6, 2015

There’s no need to pinch yourself because it wasn’t a dream. David Price and Troy Tulowitzki are now playing for the Blue Jays.

Joanna Cornish of joins DNJT to look back at what has been one of the most exciting non-waiver deadlines in Jays history.

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Lining up for a big finish!

Lining up for a big finish!

Re. Ben Revere and Mark Lowe

August 2, 2015

AA and the front office had one hell of a week. Just before the deadline, the Jays made three trades on Friday.

With that in mind…here are my thoughts in 100 words or less:

Felix Doubront – A temporary fix. He started well, but struggled in his last few starts. Best of luck to him in Oakland.

Mark Lowe – I’m going to chalk up his performance on Saturday to nerves. I’m hoping it was a one-off because he was putting up great numbers in Seattle this season.

Ben Revere – Here’s a guy who was playing against the Blue Jays just a few short days ago. Good numbers and a better option for LF than the Valencia/Colabello/Carrera/(and sometimes) Goins platoon.

The picture below sums up my feelings about the past week. For the record, I’m kicking myself for leaving out LaTroy Hawkins 😉



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