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Episode 5 – Montreal Baseball Project

May 31, 2012

Hard to believe, but it’s nearly been eight years since the Montreal Expos moved to Washington.

Founded by former Expo Warren Cromartie, the Montreal Baseball Project hopes to bring professional baseball back to the city.

To raise awareness, the MBP is hosting a Weekend Celebration, June 15-16. It will feature a baseball clinic, golf tournament and gala, with proceeds going to a local charity.

Warren Cromartie joins DNJT to talk about the Montreal Baseball Project and the Weekend Celebration.

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Episode 4 – Batting eighth, Adam Lind

May 17, 2012

A brutal loss in Oakland, a series-split against the worst team in baseball and some lineup changes. It’s been a wild two weeks for the Blue Jays; and this was BEFORE the incident between Brett Lawrie and Umpire Bill Miller.

Nick Hansen of talks about those lineup changes, Vladimir Guerrero and the pitching staff.

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Episode 3 – 37 Reasons to Avoid a Number

May 3, 2012

The first month of the season was filled with many pros and cons.

Ian Hunter – aka The Blue Jay Hunter – shares his thoughts on the Blue Jays in April, the curse of #37 and the wave.

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