Top 5 reasons why I should be the new host of CBC Radio’s ‘Q’

Forgive me for using my baseball website for a non-baseball topic.

Here’s the deal: I would love to be the new host of Q. I realize the odds are a billion to one. I don’t care. I realize there are more qualified candidates. Still don’t care.

Why would the CBC hire some no-name to host Q? My answer: Why not?

And now…the top five reasons why I should be the new host of Q.

5) I’m not exactly a known commodity (yet). Therefore, the CBC could hire me at a dirt cheap price!

The Mother Corp’s accountants will be happy. The tax payers will be happy. The PM will be happy. Win, win, win.

4) I’ve actually worked for CBC. It was back in 2006 and it was just for a few months. I did some freelance communications work for Zed TV and Radio 3.

It was a great experience. There was no cooler feeling than telling people that you’re legitimately with the Mother Corp.

3) I’ve done arts and culture programs before. Exhibit A : This Is Toronto. Exhibit B: Futureale Radio. Maybe I’m a little biased, but I thought they were stellar shows. Heck, even DNJT has a little A+C flavour to it.

2) I believe in public broadcasting. I believe in CBC Radio. I believe in myself.

1) Again, why not? I think it’s a capital idea!




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