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Short, scribbled thoughts on the non-waiver trade deadline deals 

August 2, 2016

Honestly, I have no time to post an in-depth analysis of the three trades. If you want something thoroughly researched and presented, go somewhere else. Seriously, I won’t hold it against you. 


Hutch: Sorry to see Drew go. The potential is still there, but he has struggled with his consistently. We have seen him at his best and also witnessed him at his worst. Hopefully, a change of scenery and the chance to work with Pittsburgh pitching coach Ray Searage  will set him on the right path. 

Jesse Chavez: Started well, but has struggled of late. It’s funny. There were some who suggested back in April/May that Chavez get a chance to start. Seems those same people were now begging the Blue Jays to get rid of him. 

Scott Feldman: Good numbers this season. According to Baseball-Reference, he has a 2.90 ERA in 26 games thus far. As long as he holds the fort, I’m happy. 

Mike Bolsinger: Good 2015 numbers. From all the hot takes out there, looks like he’s the “sixth starter” if needed. 

Francisco Liriano: I certainly like this acquisition, but also concerned. He has not pitched well this season. Baseball-Reference shows a current ERA of 5.46, as well as a 4.40 ERA in seven American League seasons. But as BP Toronto’s Matt Gwin pointed out, Liriano has put up some productive results when pitching to Russell Martin. Here’s hoping that will continue. Of course, this also means Aaron Sanchez is about to move to the bullpen. Personally, I prefer/want Sanchez in the rotation. However, it feels like the Jays had never intended to change their original plan for Sanchez. 


Wild Card Predictions

September 30, 2014

Predicting is just a fancy way of taking a guess.

With that in mind…

It shall be a glorious day of triumph for the Kansas City Royals and the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Retro Blue Jays – The First Bautista Bomb

May 1, 2014

Posted by MLB’s YouTube page

The Blue Jays will travel to Pittsburgh for a three-game series this weekend. Two years ago, I visited PNC Park and it took my breath away. It is a gorgeous stadium. If you’re planning a baseball road trip, make sure you include a Pirates game.

Before being traded to the Jays in 2008, Jose Bautista spent the majority of his major league career with the Pirates. He made his MLB debut in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2006 that he hit his first big-league homerun.

The first-ever “Bautista Bomb” occurred on May 13, 2006. According to, Joey Bats batted in the leadoff spot and played third for Pittsburgh. In the third inning, he hit a 2-run shot off of Florida Marlins starter Scott Olsen.  Despite the blast, the Pirates lost the match, 4-3. Bautista went 1/5, collecting two RBIs and two strikeouts.

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