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An ugly reality, but it is what it is

August 20, 2018

Struggling with writer’s block lately. So….some random thoughts:

  • Several times this season, I’ve found myself saying, “Oh, yeah. I forgot about Tulo.”
  • Josh Donaldson and Aaron Sanchez have both missed a signficant amount of time. If this was 2015-16, we’d freak out. Today, such a fact is met with a shrug. It is what it is.
  • Really? Just six games for Jose Urena?
  • I like Ryan Borucki because he models himself after Mark Buehrle. The kid starts his windup as soon as he gets the sign. He’s going to be a treat (hopefully).
  • There (probably) isn’t a single Jays fan who actually thinks Gibby will be back for 2019.
  • Remember, the Blue Jays are a team in transition. That means – if I can borrow the expression – things will get worse before it gets better. Hang in there. It’s going to be okay.

    And now…..back to my battle with writer’s block.


    Mid-Season Awards

    July 16, 2015

    Just one person’s opinion. Let’s begin…

    American League
    Best Hitter: Mike Trout, LAA
    Best Pitcher: Chris Sale, Chicago
    Best Manager: Ned Yost, KC

    National League
    Best Hitter: Bryce Harper, Washington
    Best Pitcher: Max Scherzer, Washington
    Best Manager: Clint Hurdle, Pittsburgh

    Blue Jays
    Best Hitter: Josh Donaldson
    Best Starter: Mark Buehrle
    Best Reliever: Roberto Osuna


    Episode 52: Halfway Home

    July 9, 2015

    The all-star break is just around the corner. It’s a perfect time to assess all the highs and lows the Blue Jays have given us thus far.

    April Whitzman joins DNJT to look back at the Jays’ first half.

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    Why, yes. It is a good time for a break.

    Episode 50: Getting It Done

    June 11, 2015

    The Blue Jays have been playing an exciting brand of baseball lately. They’re looking like a team that plays in the “Get It Done” league.

    Nick Hansen stops by to chat about pitching, Jose Reyes, Josh Donaldson and more.

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    Everything is beautiful these days ;)

    Everything is beautiful these days 😉

    Retro Blue Jays – Montreal, 8mm Style

    March 26, 2015

    Posted by Jared Allen.

    It’s fitting the Blue Jays will travel to Montreal next week for the final portion of the spring training schedule. Last year’s visit to the Olympic Stadium was a huge success.

    Speaking of which…

    2014 can’t be considered retro, but the technology used in this 27-minute clip certainly is.

    The videographer recorded the March 28, 2014 pre-season contest between the Jays and the New York Mets at the Big O with an 8mm camera. The final product is a lovely combination of contemporary life with old school technology.

    Mr. Allen had a perfect POV and captured so much; from travelling to the stadium to the Jays celebrating a walkoff victory. There’s a lot to take in, but it’s worth spending the time. There’s even a clip featuring everyone’s favourite mid-game activity, the wave [sarcasm].

    I doubt 8mm cameras will make a comeback and become a trend, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt having more videos like this.



    Episode 44: [Season Finale] The Roller Coaster Season

    October 2, 2014

    It was a roller coaster ride that lasted 162 games.

    In the end, the Blue Jays finished third in the American League East, with a record of 83-79.

    Not bad, but not good enough to make the playoffs.

    @Minor_Leaguer of looks back at the Jays’ 2014 season and also discusses his recent legal issue with the Major League Baseball Players Association.

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    See you next season!

    See you next season!

    Episode 38: Intermission

    July 17, 2014

    Going into the second half of the regular season, the Blue Jays are 49-47 and currently sit second in the AL East.

    Ian Hunter – aka The Blue Jay Hunter – looks back at an up-and-down first half and shares his thoughts on the major concerns surrounding the Jays.

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