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Retro Blue Jays – Inspired by Terry Gilliam

June 23, 2014

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1987 was an infamous year for the Blue Jays.

I’m sure you know what happened. Therefore, there’s no need to bring it up. However, if you really want to rip that band-aid off, I will provide you with this recap.

There were some good moments too: George Bell was named American League MVP and the Jays hit 10 home runs in a game against Baltimore.

The ’87 season also provided a unique animated advertisement that’s displayed above. It promotes the first home series of the season; but what makes it noteworthy is the presentation.

The ad shows a blue flash (which later turns out be an actual blue jay) wreaking havoc on a group of nouns that represent the Jays’ division rivals at the time: Orioles, Yankees, Red Sox, Brewers, Indians and Tigers. The cartoon images – by today’s standards – are sub par, but would’ve likely garnered a few entertained laughs. The animation also pays a small homage to Terry Gilliam, which is illustrated through the character representing the Yankees.

The so-called nouns are stereotypical, which isn’t bad until you come to the character representing the Cleveland Indians. Even by 1987 standards, it’s borderline racist.

Though a quick Google search yields nothing, I would be very surprised if the CRTC or CBSC didn’t receive at least one complaint about it. These days, an advertisement such as the one above would never have seen the light of the day. Even if it was made, there’s no way Rogers would release it.

Re. John Farrell

October 23, 2012

I’m glad it’s over.

When I first heard the Red Sox were interested in John Farrell, I doubted it. But as this rumour was becoming a reality, I eventually made peace with it.

The idea of Farrell leaving the Blue Jays never upset me. What made me want to pull my hair out was how this story turned into a giant monster. The smallest hint or the latest report caused a disturbing frenzy online. Those who didn’t like Farrell were jumping for joy. Others were salivating at what kind of compensation would be sent to Toronto. This is what happens when a team performs below expectations; a mountain from a mole hill.

Some time over the last year, John Farrell decided managing the Boston Red Sox was a better opportunity than managing the Blue Jays. I cannot fault him for that. This is – for lack of a better term – his dream job. We’ve all wanted to be in that position and I bet no one would pass on such a chance.

AA and the Jays had no choice. They had to let him go. Why keep someone who doesn’t want to be part of the organization? It’s counterproductive. Even if the Jays won 90 or more games, Farrell would still go to Boston. Heck, even if Farrell was managing a different team – say, the San Diego Padres for example – he would still go to Boston. Once Bobby Valentine was fired and the opportunity presented itself, the so-called writing was on the wall.

There are two important items to stress.

First, the Blue Jays didn’t give up Farrell to the Red Sox. They didn’t let Boston “steal” or “woo” him away. John Farrell chose to return to Boston. Sure, AA could’ve presented Farrell with a contract extension. But I doubt that would’ve made a difference.

Second, choosing to manage the Red Sox is not a slight on the Blue Jays or the city of Toronto. Some decisions might’ve backfired here and there, but there’s no way Farrell just went through the motions while wearing a Jays uniform. He wanted the Jays to win, regardless of any disagreements he may have had with AA. Think about it: Would the Red Sox really want someone who “mailed-it-in” or didn’t care about what happens on the field? It’s not worth shedding tears and Blue Jay fans shouldn’t take it personally.

SN590’s Jeff Sammut asked listeners if they would boo Farrell when he returns to Toronto. I gave it some thought and although I’m not mad at John Farrell, I’d still boo him. For starters, he’s the opposing manager and it is the notorious Boston Red Sox.

I don’t blame John Farrell for making this choice. I understand and respect it.

Still, “getting dumped” stinks.

– The Hek

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