Worst Boxing Match Ever (NBJR)

Posted July 17, 2020 by The Hek
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A (poorly drawn) comic about life during a pandemic.


Jays Journaling: Please, please, PLEASE! Anywhere but Toronto

Posted July 13, 2020 by The Hek
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I love baseball and will always live and die with the Blue Jays.

I’ve missed the sights, sounds and smells of the season.

Replayed games on Sportsnet have filled the void, but they can’t duplicate the feeling of a Friday night at the ballpark in the summer.

Once again, COVID-19 can go fuck itself.

Nevertheless, I’m disappointed our government has given the Jays an exemption to run training camp at Skydome.

I understand there are protocols, but it still feels unnecessarily risky.

Things are getting worse in the United States. New cases have gone up dramatically. Thousands upon thousands are getting sick.

Many players were training down south. Some have already tested positive.

Meanwhile, things are getting better in Ontario. New daily cases have stayed under 200 for the better part of two weeks. Things are also reopening.

We are keeping calm and carrying on with distancing and masks. We are adapting to a “pre-vaccine” normal. I don’t want anything to screw that up.

That’s why the Jays need to stay south of the border once this abbreviated season – which shouldn’t be happening because of the sharp rise of cases in the States – begins.

If given approval, there will be nine teams coming into the city. Some will even make multiple trips. These clubs will also be crisscrossing the eastern side of the States. The Jays will be doing that as well.

Extensive travel could lead to a greater chance of catching the virus. It’s just too risky.

All it takes is one spot that wasn’t properly sanitized or a player sneaking out to enjoy Toronto’s nightlife.

30 games at an empty Skydome aren’t worth the risk.

Play in Buffalo; share Yankee Stadium or Citi Field or any other ballpark, as long as it’s not in Florida. Hell, build something in the middle of a cornfield. There was a book and a movie about that.

Just not in Toronto or anywhere in Canada.

Now that Toronto has been formally picked as an NHL hub city – and why hockey and the NBA insist on concluding their seasons is beyond me – we could assume the Jays and MLB will get clearance as well. There would have to be some glaring holes on the baseball side for one sport to be allowed while the other is denied.

So until then, we’ll wait and see.

We’ll also pray. We’ll pray very hard. We’ll pray common sense prevails and we’ll pray the players who are currently here stay safe.

It’s all we can do.


Two Grim Reapers met in a lane… (NBJR)

Posted July 10, 2020 by The Hek
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A (poorly drawn) comic about life during a pandemic.


Two thousand and twenty

Posted July 5, 2020 by The Hek
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Global pandemic
Delays the baseball season
And kills the normal


Going the (physical) distance [NBJR]

Posted July 3, 2020 by The Hek
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A (poorly drawn) comic about life during a pandemic.


The two screaming voices are screaming again (NBJR)

Posted June 27, 2020 by The Hek
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A (poorly drawn) comic about life during a pandemic.


Jays Journaling: Sewage water is cleaner than MLB’s public image

Posted June 24, 2020 by The Hek
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Sorry for the graphic title.

Labour negotiations involving professional sports leagues are repulsive. I’ve felt this way since the summer and fall of 1994 when I was forced to endure a baseball strike and a hockey lockout.

The MLB work stoppage that year was awful. Suddenly, everyone turned to my favourite sport. Baseball wasn’t cool anymore and the players were “greedy millionaires.”

And now – along with everything else happening – that feeling from 1994 has returned and this time, the storm clouds are much worse.

For the last few weeks, Major League Baseball has embarrassed itself through this ugly feud with the MLBPA.

Instead of trying to figure out how they can run some form of a season safely, the league and union fought over the all mighty dollar.

They had a deal in place back in March. Then the owners freaked out over the thought of empty stadiums and tore up the agreement. Then they pestered the players to give up chunks of salary, while potentially putting their lives at risk.

And in the end, the March agreement was ultimately upheld.

Nicely done, Commissioner Manfred. Nicely done, owners. You wasted everyone’s fucking time. Could’ve put differences and money aside and figured out multiple health and safety procedures. Instead, you picked a petty fight with the PA, while the world is literally burning.

The players didn’t deserve that and neither did we.

So, we’ve got a 60-game schedule under the threat of COVID-19 and a dysfunctional relationship between the league and its players.

Disputes such as this one yield little sympathy. Most see it as “millionaires vs millionaires.” This sentiment leads to decreased interest and viewership. It gets worse when threats of cancelling the season are made.

Losing the 2020 season because of COVID-19 is one thing. I’ve made peace with this and certain I’m not the only one. And given the disturbing rise of new cases in the United States – including a report of at least 40 players and staff testing positive – it’s a “when not if” situation more than ever. It’s simply not safe right now.

But to lose the season directly because of a financial disagreement would’ve been severely detrimental for MLB.

I love baseball and will live and die with the Blue Jays. Nevertheless, MLB’s public image is a towing inferno of dumpster fires.

Commissioner Manfred and the owners have mishandled this situation. Regardless of whether there is a completed season or not, the league has badly damaged its credibility and stature.

It has been discussed ad nauseam about how MLB can increase ticket sales, viewership and interest. The actions of the owners and Commissioner equate thousands of steps backwards.

It could take decades before the league has regained its integrity.

Sorry for the melodramatic conclusion.


Gotta have that validation (NBJR)

Posted June 19, 2020 by The Hek
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A (poorly drawn) comic about life during a pandemic.



Posted June 12, 2020 by The Hek
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A (poorly drawn) comic about life during a pandemic.


Your services are no longer needed

Posted June 9, 2020 by The Hek
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Stay home

But I had
a really good spring.
I can help this club.

You weren’t going to make the roster.

But there might be
extra spots.

Not for you.

The entire
minor league season
might get cancelled.

Blame the pandemic.

Do I still get a stipend?

Team’s losing money.

But the owner is a billionaire.

Blame the pandemic.

Other teams,
other players
are looking after
their farm systems.

We can’t.

There might not
even be a season.
I have bills to pay.

Blame your union.

I have to eat. I need to eat.
I have to live. I need to live.
I have to play. I need to play.

If I can’t eat
and live
and play,
I will…

Not our problem.


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