Short, scribbled thoughts about the trades that pissed you all off

Yup, last week was nuts. Anyway…

  • Stro’s trade made sense. Would’ve been a waste of his talent to keep him while the Jays are still rebuilding.
  • The deal with Houston is puzzling. Aaron Sanchez was finally starting to build his value back up. If that value continued to rise, he would’ve likely yielded a higher return during the off-season or at next year’s trade deadline. That’s why dealing him now feels premature.
  • The focus should be on pitching. That’s why acquiring Derek Fisher was also puzzling. Russ Atkins really, really, REALLY wanted him and was willing to pay a high price. Poor Fisher is going to be scrutinized to death by this angry fanbase; so here’s hoping he lives up to the potential that Atkins envisions. Reminds me of when AA sent Travis Snider – very popular with fans – to Pittsburgh for Brad Lincoln.
  • I’m glad the small gambles they took on Sogard, Phelps and Hudson yielded/will yeild some younger talent.
  • Of course, it’s very sad to say goodbye to the players that were dealt away. However, I’m thrilled they all get to play for teams making strong playoff pushes, especially Stro, Sanchez and Joe Biagini. They deserve it!
  • Not surprisingly, many fans – aka the anti-Shapiro crowd – were furious with the return the Jays got. Before Anthony Kay, Simeon Woods Richardson and the other acquisitions even reported to their new teams, it seemed like some fans were already labeling them as busts. I understand the anger, but it is absolutely RIDICULOUS to declare these new players as failures before they have a chance to actually fail; if they actually do fail. Honestly, it didn’t matter who the front office got in return. The anti-Shapiro crowd wasn’t going to like it. It was pre-determined.

To be honest, Jays Twitter really pisses me off at times. But that’s for another post….maybe.


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2 Comments on “Short, scribbled thoughts about the trades that pissed you all off”

  1. mike Says:

    I’m not anti shapiro/atkins and i’m still pissed off, and not because the return players are not good or won’t be good, its that they are not good enough right now and they should be better. Other teams get better returns period. Maybe we should just contract the work out to Tampa, they seem to be a lot better at it and they could likely just pay themselves the extra prospect they would get that we wouldn’t anyway! The Sanchez deal is not puzzling, its ridiculous, Fisher is not fair trade value and even if he becomes great he hasn’t been which means he is not fair trade value. We were in the position of power in that situation, not the Astros, there was no immediate need to trade any of those players for someone who looks an awfully lot like Dalton Pompey (actually his athleticism is not as good). There is no defence to this particular trade and i wish people would just “call a spade a spade”, stop feeling the need to back them, they messed up, it was embarrassing, let move on, but admit that the jokes on them/us!

    • The Hek Says:

      Thanks for the comment! I think Shapiro said it best when he said baseball is a long term game in a short term world. The window of opportunity is firmly shut. So they can afford to have “not good enough” pitchers; gives a chance to develop them. Simeon is only 18 and only at High-A. Personally, I’m interested in seeing how this all plays out. If it’s a disastrous bust, let it happen. Initial thoughts – such as our views of the Sanchez trade – are one thing. But this rush to judgement by some fans is driving me crazy. Looking forward to what Shapiro will be saying this afternoon.

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