Fellow Blue Jay fans: Savour this moment

I was a young child when the Blue Jays won back-to-back World Series championships. Those wonderful days of 1992-93 became cherished memories. But while I was old enough to witness the magic, I was naive to appreciate what the team had accomplished and understand how hard the task of winning the top prize – not once, but twice – was.

As a kid, I only knew the Jays as a winning team. The days of playing below 500 and finishing at the bottom of the AL East occurred before I was born. So I didn’t know any better. In my adolescent mind, the Jays were always a first place team and they would naturally appear in the playoffs every year.

Obviously, I was not prepared for the 22-year journey that would occur.

But I learned a valuable lesson, reminded by witnessing poor performing teams, sitting in a less than half-full Skydome and consuming media that frustratingly treated the Jays as an afterthought at times.

So to my fellow Blue Jay fans…

With the ALDS against Texas one sleep away, I offer the following advice: SAVOUR every moment, regardless of outcome. Do NOT take this playoff run for granted. As hard as we try, we do not know what the future entails. This could be the start of a dynasty or a one-hit wonder. It’s just not worth trying to figure out. Focus on what’s happening now and enjoy every second of it.

This season has been – and continues to be – special. So please, savour it.



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