Scribbled Thoughts on Josh Donaldson

As far as I’m concerned, the race for the AL MVP is over. Josh Donaldson is the Most Valuable Player of the junior circuit.

Sign it.
Seal it.
Deliver it.
Tell your friends
Tell your family.
Spike the football.
Call “Bingo.”
Drop the mic.

(Too much?)




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4 Comments on “Scribbled Thoughts on Josh Donaldson”

  1. Deeley Says:

    Donaldson should be the MVP. People pointing at the talent around him did not watch the entire Jays season. While Bautista and EE struggled, Donaldson did the heavy lifting. Without Josh the Jays would have been well below .500 at the trade deadline. Once Jose and EE caught fire the team played out of their minds. Donaldson was the leader in saving the Blue Jays season in 2015 and leading them to the postseason.

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